Jackhammer Hire



Medium jackhammer suitable for

  • Extensive demolition work at or near floor level
  • Exposing reinforcement in foundations
  • Breaking out openings for stairs, risers and shafts
  • Creating large channels in floors, e.g. for waste water pipes
  • Breaking up asphalt in surface renewal work, e.g. sewer maintenance




Save your back, and demolish flooring surfaces up to 6X faster with the MAKINEX® Jackhammer trolley. For ceramic tile removal in large areas, nothing comes close to the speed and efficiency you get using a jackhammer supported in the Makinex jackhammer trolley.

Removing tiles and thinset cement is back-breaking, dusty work. You’re either on your hands and knees with dust and shards flying in your face, or bent-double holding a 30-pound Jackhammer.

Easier, safer and less tiring
Doing it the hard way takes forever. No wonder you back hurts and you are exhausted. Worse, if you encounter especially stubborn tiles, you can say goodbye to any profit on that portion of the job.

The Jackhammer trolley helps flooring specialists remove tile, cork and vinyl flooring quickly with less fatigue and less risk of injury. The trolley takes the load off your back, while rubber mounts and bushes absorb vibrations. So operators can work more safely and for longer stints.

Removes anything quickly
Five pre-set positions give you the perfect angle of attack, to quickly demolish anything it its path. A foot rest helps you transfer your body weight to the blade and push the trolley forward. The jackhammer trolley is durable and sturdy and has no electronics, so it is maintenance-free.

Perfect for removing floor tiles, thinset, vinyl and cork from concrete and wooden surfaces, it can also be used when breaking rocks, blocks, concrete and sandstone.

Concrete Saw

Concrete Saw


350mm – Handheld + Blade

Terazzo Floor Grinding Machine



MasterFinish Floor Grinder G1-A

  • Robust steel construction
  • Powered by a 2hp single phase electric motor
  • Fitted with a 25mm, 25ap electric cable
  • Lifting bar comes standard
  • A vacuum hose can be connected to the machine for dust extraction
  • Supplied with a fabric dust shield
  • Ease of control achieved by using the fingerlight wheel height adjustment
  • Can be fitted with a variety of discs to suit most types of abrasive segments