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Our compaction equipment rental cost is dependent on three main factors, namely the type of compaction machine, the number you want to hire, and the days you want to rent them. The cost of hiring vibrating rollers is different from that of trench hammer. Contact Allwell Hire today for a detailed quote!

Our aim is to give our customer to get the most of the compactor machine hire hence the extended hire period. Our period hire starts at half-day, and you can keep them up to a whole week or as long as your construction project lasts. Contact us in advance if you want to rent compactor machine(s) for a longer period.

We’ve been expanding our range of compactor hire in Brisbane to give our customers a range of options to select from. Our collection consists of a vibrating roller, trench hammer, plate compactor, and petrol vibrating compactor. If the compactor machine you need is not in our collection, feel free to contact us. We can source for you.

No, we don’t have a minimum hire quantity for our hand compact hire machines. We allow our customers to rent any number of machines that suit their needs. Whether you need just one machine or your construction project needs multiple compaction machines, we’ve got you covered. Feel free to contact Allwell Hire in advance if you want to hire many compactors.

If you are looking for compactor machines, we have a range of petrol-powered models. Unlike electrical options, petrol-powered compactor machines produce powerful compressions. They can also be used in construction sites not connected to power.

Yes, our compaction equipment rental is heavy-duty and still easy to transport. They are easy to load and offload off the transport trailer.