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Kubota Mini Excavator U17-3


Excavator Kubota U17-3 complete with 350mm,450mm & 1000mm Buckets and Ripper. Two Pattern Selection System provides the operator the versatility to be able to switch between ISO and SAE Pattern. Great if you have more than one person operating the machine.
Tracks can be expanded up to 1,240mm to offer stability or retracted to 990mm to fit through narrow pathways, for greater flexibility and function when tackling any job.
Smooth operation across a wide range of jobs thanks to the advanced variable displacement pumps and hydraulic matching system. Increased hydraulic pump capacity over the previous model boosts versatility to tackle a wide variety of jobs

Hire includes trailer for transporting which has a standard 50mm ball hitch & 7 pin flat plug.

Due to weight limits, only machine & buckets can be transported on the trailer. The hirer must provide a suitable vehicle for the transport of additional attachments. Vehicle must be capable of towing the combined weight.


Kubota Excavator U35-4


The Kubota U35-4 is a class leading, zero swing excavator offering more room then ever before. Powered by a reliable Kubota 24.8HP engine, the Kubota U35-4 combines superior power and outstanding versatility to tackle a wide variety of jobs and conditions.

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Kubota U55-4 Excavator


The Kubota U55-4 offers customers versatility never seen before in the mid size 5 tonne excavator market. Powered by a reliable Kubota 47.6HP engine, the Kubota U55-4 features a compact and well balanced design, combining exceptional power and the versatility to tackle any job and working condition with ease.

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FX ALPHA SERIEs hydraulic-breaker FX 15


Operating weight1) 69kg
Height with rod – 924mm
Operating pressure Mpa – min 10
max 14
Oil flow min l/min 10
max 28
Impact rate 1/min min bpm 600
max 1500 1500 1300 1100 1100
Rod diameter Ø – 36mm
Effective length Rod – 234mm
Weight Rod – 2kg
Hose inner dia Ø HD, ND – 0mm
Noise level guaranteed P&B, FT dB(A) 116
Base machine weight t 0,5 – 1.5

Sleeper Grab


Reduce damage to concrete sleepers when lifting and installing. Equipped with a lifting eye that is easily attached to any excavator, mini loader or backhoe.

Has an opening width of 140mm and a safe working load of 350kg. The sleeper grab can be used to lift and lay a variety of concrete, sandstone, bluestone sleepers or prefabricated products. Fitted with polyurethane pads to prevent the marking or scratching of concrete sleepers.