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Yes, we do plumbing tools hire in Brisbane. At the moment, we have the drain cleaning electric eel as the main plumbing tool rental. But if you need other plumbing equipment for rent, feel free to give us a call. We are able to source the equipment for you.

We have some of the most attractive plumbing tools hire prices in Brisbane. We charge based on a number of factors, namely the type of the plumbing tool, the size and the amount you want to hire. Contact us today for a detailed quote!

At Allwell Hire, we are happy to provide all the plumbing tools hire you need. That’s why we have been expanding our plumbing tool rental range to offer our customers more options. We do not limit the number of plumbing tools our customers can rent. You are free to hire any amount of equipment you need to fix your plumbing problems. Always call us to confirm the availability of the tools you want to hire.

Our goal is to ensure that all our customers are getting the most out of our plumbing equipment for rent by offering flexible hire periods. Our hire period starts at half-day, but you can hire for a whole day or even 7 days. If you want to hire the equipment for more than a week, please contact us.

Yes, we do rent electric eel tools in Brisbane. If you have stubborn clogged drains that keep recurring, now is probably the best time to try our electric eel. Make sure that you have called us in advance to confirm the availability of the eel.