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Yes, we do provide an assortment of party hire catering equipment in Brisbane. Our range of catering hire consists of boiling pots, cake stands, ice buckets, punch bowls, and ice buckets. We are also hiring coffee pots, salad bowls, stainless steel platter, and water dispensers, among other catering equipment. If the catering item you need is not in a collection, please contact us, and we will source for you.

Our goal is to ensure that everyone in Brisbane are accessing our catering party hire. We are making this possible by making sure our event catering equipment hire is affordable to all. Our prices depend on the item, how many you want to hire, and the hire period. The size of catering item is also a factor that determines the price. If you need to know how much you would pay for our catering equipment, feel free to contact us for a detailed quote.

We do not have a minimum hire quantity for our catering equipment hire. Allwell Hire is always committed to ensuring that our catering customers in Brisbane have everything they need to organise parties and all sort of events from us. If you are planning a large party or event in Brisbane, you can get all the catering equipment you need from us. Just call us in advance if you want to hire a large amount of catering equipment for proper planning.

We have one of the most flexible and customer-friendly hire periods in Brisbane. With understanding that events don’t last the same, we have designed a hire period model that enables you to rent catering equipment for a period that suits you the best. Our hire period is between 1 and 4 days. However, this does not limit anyone from hiring for an extended period. If you need to rent our catering equipment hire for a longer time, please contact us.