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Yes, we most certainly do! We offer a vast collection of cutlery hire in Brisbane City and our range is suitable for parties, events and weddings. Our cutlery range consists of dinner knives, BBQ tools, teaspoons, soup spoons, cake fork, and dinner fork. We also hire dessert spoons and tongs, among many others. Feel free to contact us to enquire about the availability of party cutlery hire that you may need.

Yes, we do provide cutlery hire for weddings, among many other social events. If you are having a wedding in Brisbane, feel free to contact us for our range of cutlery hire. We have everything you need to plan a successful wedding!

We recommend to our customers to contact us in advance for wedding cutlery hire to enable us to prepare adequately before your wedding day.

We have not placed a minimum hire quantity for our party cutlery hire. Our customers are free to hire the amount of party cutlery hire that suits their needs. The only thing we recommend our customers to do is to communicate with us in advance if they need a large amount of cutlery. This is to give us ample time to put everything you need together.

We have flexible limits for customers on the period they can hire our cutlery. Our hire period starts at 1 day, but you are free to hire cutlery and accessories for a longer period. If you are organising an event that will last for over 4 days, contact us in advance and we’ll check on availability.

Yes, we can source for specific party cutlery hire for you. If you need an item that is not in our cutlery collection, we can source elsewhere. Contact us in advance to give us enough time to find the correct item.