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We certainly do! We do hire a range of miscellaneous equipment hire for parties in Brisbane. Our assortment includes display panels, red carpets, stanchion, red rope, and chrome bollard. The stanchion comes in a black or red strap, meaning you can hire whichever suits your theme better. If you need miscellaneous equipment for rent that is not in our collection, we can source for you. Make sure you have contacted us in advance to give us ample time to contact our sources.

“Our miscellaneous equipment for hire consists of display panels, red carpets, stanchion, red ropes, and chrome bollard and are perfect for both parties and events. We always ensure that they are maintained in the best condition.
You will appreciate the condition of our red carpet, chrome bollard, and ropes. The display panels are perfect for events and conferences. Contact us today if you want more information on our miscellaneous equipment!”

We have no limits on the amount of miscellaneous equipment hire you can rent from us. You can hire any amount that suits your needs. If you are organising a big party or event that needs multiple display panels, red ropes, and chrome bollards, we have everything you need. Make sure that you have contacted us in advance if you want to hire a larger number of miscellaneous equipment.

We understand that parties and social events can last hours, a day, or days. That’s the reason we have put various hire periods to handle all our customers’ needs. Our hire period starts at 1 day, and you can hire them for up to 4 days. If you need to hire our miscellaneous equipment for a longer period, please contact us!