1. “Owner” means Allwell Hire Company. “Hirer” means any person or corporation hiring Equipment from the Owner. “Equipment” means any item hired from the Owner.

2. The persons signing on behalf of the Hirer warrants that they have the authority to do so.

3. The minimum “Hire Period” of Equipment is four hours and is calculated on the “Time Out” and the “Time In” unless otherwise agreed.

4. The Hirer can extend the Hire Period, by getting the Owner’s permission and paying extra hire charges, before the original Hire Period ends.

5. The Hirer must pay additional charges if:-

(a) Equipment is returned, or not made available pick up until, after the designated “Time In” ie late;

(b) the Hirer extends the Hire Period without getting the Owner’s permission or paying extra hire charges, in advance;

(c) the Equipment is returned and/or made available for pick up and is in a dirty and/or damaged state and requires cleaning and/or repairing.

6. The Hirer must pay the replacement cost of the Equipment which the Hirer has lost, or returned or made available for pick up in a state that the owner deems is irreparable. Replacement cost is that shown on a supplier’s invoice for the new Equipment.

7. The Hirer must tell the Owner if Equipment is to be moved from one site to another. The Hirer is responsible for the safe keeping, safe storage, safe transport, security, cleaning and maintenance of the Equipment during the Hire Period.

8. The Hirer is prohibited from repairing Equipment which is damaged during the Hire Period. The Hirer must immediately tell the Owner that the Equipment has been damaged and, unless otherwise agreed, must return it or make it available for pick up.

9. THe Hirer grants an irrevocable authority to the Owner to enter the premises or property where the Equipment is situated so that the Owner can pick up or recover the Equipment. The Hirer must stack the Equipment in an accessible place for pick up.

10. The refund of the security bond is at the sole discretion of the Owner.

11. The Hirer agrees that the Equipment referred to in this Hire Contract is delivered or collected in good order and condition and is hired subject to these Conditions of Hiring. The Owner does not warrant the suitability of the Equipment to the Hirer.

12. The Owner recommends that the Hirer takes safety precautions when using Equipment and has safety equipment available for hire. The Owner does not warrant the suitability of the safety equipment to the Hirer.

13. The Hirer agree that the Equipment is at the risk of the Hirer during the Hire Period. The Hirer indemnifies the Owner from all actions, claims or demands of any kind whatsoever relating to the Equipment during the Hire Period.

14. The Hirer will pay all the Owner’s costs of, recovery of Equipment which the Hirer has failed to return or made available for pick up, or has damaged, and all solicitor and own client legal costs and outlays incurred by the Owner in recovering Equipment and/or moneys owed by the Hirer to the Owner.


Hire Saturday Return Monday 1 Day Charge
The weekend hire is for Saturday usage


• Equipment can be collected from3:30pm on Friday (subject to equipment availability)

• Equipment must be returned by 8am on Monday morning

• Charge rate is equal to the 1 day hire

Equipment hired outside the defined hire period will be charge at standard hire rates
Hire start time before 3.30pm Friday and return Monday 8am charge rate 2 days
Hire start time 8am Saturday and return Monday after 8am charge rate 2 days

• Hour Restriction may be applicable on Metered Machines

• Equipment failure outside of business operating hours is not subject for discounts,
full day rate will still apply

• Customer to call Allwell Hire Before 8am for equipment to be collected from
Weekend hire

• Customer to call Allwell Hire (07) 3355 5411 for after hour emergency number for    equipment emergency (Earthmoving Machine Roll Over)

• call out fee may apply at a hourly rate of $80.00

• Standard hire terms conditions still apply