skid steerBobcat Skid Steer Loaders: What Type To Choose?

If you have a small project in Brisbane areas such as West Brisbane and you need a skid steer loader, renting is the best decision. With equipment rental, you will eliminate transport, storage, maintenance, and many other costs that comes with owning a bobcat. But you need to be very careful when renting to avoid hiring the wrong machine for the job.

Skid steers come in a range of models, brands, sizes, and so on, with each type designed for specific conditions. Therefore, you need a specific type of skid steer loaders for the kind of job you want to do. However, choosing the right skid steer is always a problem for most people, especially newbies.

We have put together 6 factors you need to look for when choosing skid loaders for your needs.

Bobcat Skid steer loader

1. Skid Loader Size and Weight

The first thing you need to consider is the size and weight of the bobcat you need for your project. If you get the size wrong, then everything else will be a mess. The skid steer’s size should be determined by the kind of job you want to do and site condition. You need to be aware of the weight the site surface can support.

If you are planning to do tough jobs such as demolition or digging, you need large bobcats such as the Toyota Huski 5SDK5 skid steer loader. But for snow removal, removing debris, and so on, there are smaller skid steer models such as the Toyota Huski 4SDK4.

2. Attachments

The other important factor when choosing skid steers is the attachments it can work with. The best machine should handle as many tasks as possible. Skid steers are very versatile in application. They can be used for backhoeing, pavement milling, tilling, cement mixing, wood chipping, and so many other tasks.

If you want to get the most out of your bobcat rental, check the number of attachments it can handle. Can it handle all the tasks you want to do? If yes, that would be the perfect machine to rent. If not, hire one that offers the highest versatility on your construction site.

Bobcat skid steer loader in construction site

3. Lifting Type

Most people, especially first-timers, get the lifting configurations wrong. Most end up with the wrong machine for the job, which is an avoidable cost with just a little research. There are two main types of lifting configurations in the market right now: vertical and radial.

Vertical lifts are a bit sophisticated and designed with more internal movable parts. They are also designed with a higher midpoint lift cycle than their counterparts. They can lift vertically to the height that most equipment cannot. For the radial models, they are used for load movements at a ground level. They are good for digging, removing debris and ice flakes, and so on.

4. Rated Operating Capacity (ROC)

Skid steer ROC is the amount of load that a bobcat can lift safely before tipping. This is a very important factor to consider because it affects the size of the bobcat. Overloading a skid loader is dangerous because it can cause serious damages or even damage to the machine. That’s why ROC matters.

The ROC of the bobcat will determine many factors, including the size of the attachment. It will also determine the amount of load that skid steer can lift. However, it is the weight you want to lift that will determine the right ROC to pick. In an ideal situation, the ROC should be equal to or slightly larger than the weight you want to lift.

5. Safety and Comfort

The best type of bobcat skid steer loader should offer good safety and comfort to the operator. For safety, there are several features you need to look out for. One of them is a closed cabin to protect the operator from the flying debris when working. The machine should also have good sightlines for safe operation.

The comfort of the skid steer should be about the size of the cabin and seat ergonomics. First, the cabin should be large enough to enable the operator to work freely. Second, the seat should have good ergonomics and easily adjustable to accommodate different operators. A skid steer with a cooling/heating system would be more comfortable.

an elf truck and a bobcat skid steer loader

6. Look at the Controls

A good bobcat should be easy to operate. That’s why the issue of controls is crucial when choosing these machines. The old models use levers and pedals to control lifting. But this technology is now almost obsolete and is being replaced with joystick controls.

The joystick control is easier and more efficient to work with. They require less force than levers and are more precise. With these controls, you will work faster and for long hours without feeling tired. It is the most recommended control for rental bobcats.

If you are planning to hire a skid steer loader, these are six crucial factors to consider. At Allwell Hire, we pride ourselves on always being in touch with market needs and have a range of ski steer loaders to meet your needs. We have the best quality bobcats for hire. You will also enjoy free delivery among other benefits.